how would you like Maggie x Sydney’s relationship to play out in season 4?

Oh, man, I have no idea. Obviously what’ll actually happen depends on Stacey Farber’s role next season, which could be not much, since she’s been cast as a lead in an NBC pilot.

But for what I would ideally want, well, I know at some point I was all, we don’t know much about Maggie, maybe she’s just there to facilitate Sydney’s self-discovery, I just want Sydney to be happy with who she is, it’s all about her journey~ but they actually did play it all out, and faster and better than I expected and I AM shipping them specifically now. So I do want them together, but they’ve gone about this so backwards, a kiss, backing off, a vague admission of some feelings, whatever happened in the call room (heavy making out at least), backing off, and then Sydney breaking her engagement but no real visible movement. Syd’s gone through a proper arc, but we still have the potential drama with Dr. Dey, and I don’t think we’ve seen the payoff to the earlier foreshadowing about how Maggie wanted a more passionate love than what Gavin could apparently give to her.

I suppose I’m fine with whatever as long as they continue pursuing it, though I’d prefer no triangle with Dey. I want to see more indications about what Maggie’s thinking and feeling during all this, she’s been so, so chill. I want them both to show that it’s not just a fling because the other one was there at the right time, but to actually admit that they liiiike the other, I want dates that start out awkward but ending being great because Syd’s Syd and Maggie’s Maggie, I want Syd to be friends with Shahir and they can have appallingly open (to everyone else) discussions about how they handle their cultures and being gay, I want Alex to tease Maggie about it all and also get Maggie to open up a bit, I want incredibly awkward conversations between Alex and Syd during their followups, I want there to be more banter with calling each other doctor now that Maggie’s passed, and I would like a big romantic moment where Sydney gets to show her passionate side.