26 Favorite Femslash Moments of 2014
25. Black Sails – Max comforting Eleanor

Ugh, this show. So there were months of hype for it, not just pirates but LESBIAN pirates??! A few gifs from the trailer of a show that hadn’t even aired yet quickly racked up a ton of notes.  And the first ep delivered! This scene, from the end of it, finished off introducing the characters and their dynamic. Max clever and manipulative, Eleanor brash and hotheaded and trying to maintain control, and both genuinely caring for each other! That’s what got me, the feelings and history behind them. It’s obvious Eleanor has come to Max before and Max has tended to her and listened to her and this has become both of their safe haven. As soon as Max saw her drinking at the bar, she went over and took away her drink, and Eleanor let her, and then allowed herself to be led away in front of the very people she was trying to show strength.

Annnnd then that was pretty much the peak of their relationship, everything going downhill in a violent, heartbreaking way. Props for both of them still being alive?