26 Favorite Femslash Moments of 2014

I started compiling this list of my favorite scenes at the end of last year but kept on getting delayed and figured I’d start posting during Femslash February (whoops, still ended up late but whatever, we’ll continue into Femslash March).

I say favorite moment and do I mean something I just liked when it happened. I’m not taking into account the aftermath (and god, how I’d probably hate a lot of them if I knew what was to come), only how I felt at the time, so backstory does count.

My personal enjoyment’s made up of a messy algorithm combining the significance (or rather, lack of ambiguity), how much I like the actors, the characters, how central they are, the buildup, the cuteness factor (also romance but…I appear to value fluff over smut?), and, maybe kind of weirdly, how much of a surprise it is? Not in the sense that it’s out of the blue (especially when I just said I like the buildup), but when you don’t have something announced as a big gay Lesbian Storyline, when it’s just an arc that starts without the whole male gaze-y scandalous temporary sweeps effect, I love that …are they going there? omg they’re going there, I wasn’t just seeing things moment. 

Edit: I should add, though, that I’m trying to provide some background and context in the description, so you don’t necessarily need to be familiar with the show to watch the clip. Hopefully by the time the list is finished, it’s just going to be a series of sweet positive moments, a bit of antidote to the next crushing disappointment plotline.