Ok so I read your tags on the Lara croft thing and first of all people can be so stupid with refusing to see queer relationships. But then you’ve been in airports/in transit for 23 hours!?!? And flight is delayed another 5?! That’s a long ass time in transit. You have a good book/good fanfic to read while waiting?

Hey, anon. 🙂 Thanks for reading my tags and helping to alleviate my boredom. 🙂

Technically, the drive TO the airport was 40 minutes of that. But yep, this is what comes from living in a small town and needing to get to a major airport to actually start the real trip (to Pakistan). I think it might not actually be delayed, though, it only says so online but the people here are denying it. Obviously I’m hoping they’re right.

I did actually load up my phone with fic, but I’ve been reading this one book by Riley LaShea. She wrote a bunch of Lindsay/Cindy fic I liked back in the day and I liked the other things she published, so it seemed heaven-sent when this came out a couple of days ago.

So far, it’s been…a bit odd. It’s unabashedly paranormal/urban fantasy, with relatively deep world-building built by jumping through a lot of different characters’ PoVs. It was working for a while for me, it seemed a lot more straight up horror than romance, which, I’ve been in the genre-fiction-with-lesbian-leads camp for a while, so that was cool, but… It took like a third of the book to get to the second protagonist. At this point I already know and like most of the other characters more than her. AND, with her introduction, everything’s slowed down.

There’s a reason I’m trawling through Tumblr instead of finishing it, let’s just say. But that could just me being tired and not currently in the mood for the change of pace.