This moment. Oh man, this moment. Let me start by pointing out that I am not a Martine fan and I can’t wait for Root to destroy her. Ok so this moment. Martine has feels. She has Root trapped at gunpoint and she just lets her ramble on for a whole MINUTE AND THIRTY SECONDS [yes I timed it]. LOOK AT HER FACE AFTER ROOT TURNS HER BACK ON MARTINE. This is not her “having fun” like Greer suggested. She heard Root say her last goodbye to Shaw, who she clearly knows she cares about [see second gif], and SHE FEELS SOMETHING. She has her mark. She will take Root out, there is not doubt about that. But she wavers, just the slightest amount, and you can see that when she adjusts the grip on her gun. I just. This fucking show and this fucking cast. Gah.