what’s alpha house about?

I’m just going to paste what I wrote to another person:

Amazon half hour comedy, first season 11 eps, second season 10. It centers on this one house shared by four Republican senators. They’re fairly nice people, as far as Republicans go, and anything too far right is made fun of, it’s very much a liberal show at heart that lampoons the far right. It’s pretty funny, and light, much more so than Transparent, but a lot of is definitely not focused on the gay, if that’s only what you’re seeking.

Both the characters I ship are definitely present through most of the series, being the chiefs of staff for two of the senators, but there’s very little interaction between them in the first season especially. It steps up quite a bit in the second season, but they’re still not as important as those four senators or some of their wives and girlfriends (one of whom is played by Yara Martinez! She’s sooo funny in this one.)