oh my goodness the heartless ship looks amazing! is there more to the story than you’ve posted/will you post it? also, is there anywhere an english speaker can watch? thanks!!

Heh, I’ll probably keep giffing their scenes till I get bored, but there were only five episodes to the first season. It really is pretty fun, in that it’s completely the live action version of those anime/manga and YA stories where a bunch of kids in a private school do whatever they want and form their little elite groups as some supernatural story goes on in the background.

It’d probably be best if I don’t explain the rest of the story, past what I already said in the tags for my first post, so you can just go in and watch it yourself, here are hardcoded English subs.

Beware though, the kids are not nice to each other, there’s drowning and torture, and flashbacks to a concurrent story in the 17th century where a pregnant lady is treated very badly and burned alive.