I’m really sad and upset that makorra didn’t happen. They were my one otp and everything in the show suggests they were going to be endgame I’m really mad that they did this to us. Why did bryke have to change it last minute there was no support for korrasami in the show


Listen, I completely understand where you’re coming from and I know that you’re upset your otp wasn’t canon. It’s hard when a show you love so much isn’t able to deliver the kind of relationship you want to see. Do you want to know why I get it?

It’s because I have literally never received this kind of representation for a ship I had in a show this big to me in my entire life. I can’t recall any western animated show that has had canon queer women of color in it, let alone a canon queer woc lead. This is huge and this is momentous for animation and this will impact the lives of so many queer kids everywhere who will be watching this and will realize that they can see themselves in media and that they aren’t completely abnormal or alone in this. Had I received that as a child from my favorite show, which was Avatar the Last Airbender btw, it would have completely changed my life early on. I know you wanted makorra to be canon, but think of the significance of having a queer ship finally being shown in a show with this large of an audience.

As for what you’re saying about korrasami not having any indication shipping wise, I want you to look at this post (gifs by avatarparallels). I’ll concede that Book 1 and Book 2 didn’t have a lot of korrasami moments and makorra definitely was the main ship in those books, but in Book 3 and 4 there was a clear shift. The only real makorra moment I can remember from the past two books was the hug Korra gave Mako before the Book 3 finale and Mako talking about Korra in Remembrances. Asami and Korra have been paired together whenever possible and Asami has always been there for Korra emotionally. At the end of Book 3 it’s Asami who cares for Korra and at the start of Book 4 it’s Asami who Korra is able to express her deepest thoughts to. Korra literally blushes at Asami’s comment on her appearance and Asami supports and motivates her in Remembrances. I know the hand holding at the end wasn’t enough to make it explicitly stated  to many people (myself not included) and I’ve already seen the horde of “they’re just friends” comments in the tags, but you have to realize that Bryke themselves had to change the animation last minute in order to get this scene to slide in. There was nothing about them holding hands and staring at each other paralleling Kataang in ATLA that wasn’t romantic, yet still people are gripping at whatever they can to try and discredit this. I really believe they did everything they could to make this as canon as possible, but given the conservative nature of Viacom, they didn’t have much to work with. 

in short, yes I know you’re upset, but please try to see the bigger picture here. I’m sorry the ship you wanted didn’t happen, but remember that this is the kind of struggle that queer people everywhere face constantly in their favorite shows. What this show did was change that for a lot of us and it was amazing.