whats the context on the cheek kiss (talking about the yudh show)? ~ I am intrigue ~

That full scene is here but in the context of the show, well, I am glad you asked, Anon.

Yudh is a 20-ep Indian TV series, most famous for being the TV debut of Bollywood suuuuperstar Amitabh Bachchan. It’s supposed to be a departure from the usual soapy family dramas India tends to produce and the premise is actually close to Kelsey Grammer’s Boss, in that it has a powerful figure recently diagnosed with a neurological disorder who tries to keep it a secret as he maintains his power and relationships. The show’s actually pretty solid (except for the last half hour), Bachchan doesn’t overpower it, the characters act like real people and make understandable decisions, there are a lot of layers and players to the conspiracies. A good effort from India.

Unlike in Boss, where the powerful figure was in Chicago politics, Bachchan’s character here, Yudh, is a big business mogul. The two ladies in the gifset are Mona, Yudh’s PR officer, and Kavita, the head of a news station’s investigative team. They begin to interact as Mona attempts to handle a mess that Yudh and Kavita’s boss have created.

Kavita seems clearly queer and they don’t explicitly discuss a lot of things or their reactions, but Mona seems open to it. The relationship is handled really well, for Indian standards, and hell, US too. There’s no gay panic, there’s no man inserted in the storyline, neither is affected negatively because of it, their relationship is present in the background throughout and actually seems to be a source of strength for Mona, the more central character.

In that cheek kiss scene, Mona, who was very close to her sister and nephews but has just moved out from their place because of some drama, wants to visit the kids and introduce Kavita to them. (She’s also apparently living with Kavita, so…well done.)