I don’t care about Matt so much. He’s so petulant and Nice Guy-ish and unprofessional. He was already too similar to Ethan on Body of Proof, but the way he just wanted to leave Stevie in the bar, trying to get Daisy to do so too, and bringing up Daisy’s personal business in meetings and not being able to handle Scott at all, so not cool. I’m geting kind of annoyed with the show pushing him as some kind of proxy male lead, with his arcs being secondary only to Elizabeth’s.

Already in this ep, we’re seeing the evolution of his professional and romantic arcs. After not being taken on the trip, and then getting scolded by Elizabeth, he was able to save the day with his speech. And his subplot with Daisy’s putting him in the position of the sympathetic character, the one who’s supposed to win the girl. Daisy’s similar amount of screentime was spent in trying to do her job, getting yelled at, and apologizing on the professional front and then turning down Matt. I actually very strongly hope that’s the end of them and the show won’t revisit it.

(Also, was it just me, or was Elizabeth kind of super-harsh with Stevie at the end? Instead of simply telling her it wasn’t what she thought and they couldn’t tell her more, you don’t deserve any explanations (and also a weird reference to privacy, considering the NSA’s involvement) and then the adults living at home crack. Like, it’s already pretty tough coming from a sibling or friend, but from a successful woman to her suddenly flailing (and knowing that quite well) daughter? Ouch.)