Final Week – Call to Action!




A big thank you to every single contributor of our fundraising campaign! As we move closer to our closing date, we’re still trying to reach as many folks as possible.

If you’ve chosen to contribute to Probable Robot, we’d love it if you’d reblog this post and add a brief summary of why you decided to do so. It can be as simple as a love of body snatching stories or as complex as you’d like. What’s important is that they’re your words about why you found our little indie movie to be important enough to offer financial assistance.

We love you and thank you and can’t wait to bring this project to life.

I am thrilled to donate to this project because I am familiar with a lot of Kben’s work and I know she will do well. She is a screenwriter at heart. She has a great ear for dialogue. She can make you laugh and cry with her words. And she always, always seeks to put great representation into her works.

Also, Kben lived through a time in which there really were no out celebrities or great LGBTQ films. She knows what it’s like to truly not have representation, and she knows how important that representation is. 

Additionally, I’ve been lucky enough to look at a rough cut of the script and it is great. If you’ve ever worked retail, ever been through a breakup, or ever been through a robot invasion, you will love this film.

I’m urging all of you who have ever read one of kabensi’s stories to please go and support her film project right now. Representation matters, but it isn’t always a gift. Sometimes it’s something we have to strive for and give to in order to make a reality.

Go contribute here.

I donated because yeah, I do want to see more stories about LGBT characters, and genre stories at that. I’ve been reading kben’s fic for years, way back when she wrote She’s the Man and Baby-Sitters Club fic (not…together, but hmmm) and then when she was among the first big writers for Faberry. I still read her work and would definitely trust her with something like this, but even if I didn’t know her pedigree coming into this, I really really want this kind of story.

Every time a show gets something wrong (off the top of my head from just recent TV, I could name you Chicago Fire, Matador, Skins, Faking It, Dracula, Siberia, Agents of Shield, and Once Upon a Time (leaving aside Swan Queen, what happened to Mulan was ridiculous), for iffy choices or just regular ole character deaths, and that’s separate from whatever it is that Rizzoli & Isles is doing), we hear “well, why don’t you make your own media?” from people who presumably don’t understand how time, resources, and expertise dynamics work, but here’s a project where someone is actually trying, like with Carmilla, so I donated because yeah, I want to support that.