Everyone, the spam isn’t over.

/b/ is planning to keep spamming, and they’re taking it to a personal level. Be super careful when tagging your selfies!!!

4chan confirmed for literal Shit

this is terrifying please take caution

if someone does this to you DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO THEM. dont post about, dont say anything that would hint to the fact that you know about it.
write down the post url, the blog url, the photo link, and any other information you have.
then take it directly to the police.
they can get arrested for defemation/slander, harassment, sexual harassment, and even pedophilia if youre a minor.
if they know you know theyll likely delete it before anything can be done.
someone did this to me when i was 14, by a 43 year old man from 4chan, and he edited it so i appeared to be nude and performing oral sex, and he was arrested for it.
once one of them gets arrested/in legal trouble theyll all stop.