Dominion was so, so average. Spoilers ahead:So many cliches. Young white guy who has problems with authority but a soft spot for kids, a secret relationship with the main princess character lady, who’s betrothed to another, “let’s leave”, “no, I can’t, my father”. Long gone father returned and killed, “you are the chosen one”. And of course all the central characters, good and bad, are white and the Black people relegated to random fighting roles, with the “exotic” lady with any power sexualized and then arrested and hauled off (and oh, oh, she’s married to the queen of a matriarchal society, the one cool interesting thing in the ep, but of course that means she has to sleep with the manipulative old dude for “business”). Oh, and the angel used to terrorize the humans looks like a slovenly fat woman.

And you knew they’d pick a white guy for Gabriel too, but damn, they could have picked somebody better looking. Alex is already meh enough. Though I’m sure that won’t stop the Michael/Alex slashers.