HEY TEAM. Let’s not put “inspirational” coco chanel quotes on things. she was literally a nazi. like i don’t give a fuck what she said about being a woman or an individual or whatever. i promise you there are quotes from other people that can get the same point across. People…

HERE’S AN IDEA. How about we appreciate the fact that, no matter what we think nowadays, the Nazi party before and during WW2 was a strong, well-functioning party, with political ideals and promises of a better future. It was like every strong political party ever – it was formed by the people, for the people. How about we consider the fact that Coco Chanel was rather anti-Semitic, and, due to the people she associated with, the era she was growing up in, and the influence of the Nazi party and others like it, genuinely thought that Jews were a threat to Europe. Similar to how so many Americans (not all, definitely, but many) nowadays don’t want Muslims living in the USA because they believe they will have a negative effect on their country, Coco Chanel didn’t want Jews living in her country because she was misinformed and altered by her surroundings. Coco Chanel was a Nazi before the word became synonymous with Satan – while you may not agree with her political standpoint, she joined a party that supported what she believed in, a party she genuinely thought would do what was best for her and for France. Coco Chanel was a Nazi, but in her time and with her priorities, that wasn’t a bad thing, it was just a thing.

Also, why should her quotes be worth any less because of who she was? Personally, I think they should be even more valid. It’s very easy to tell girls to be who they want to be, to stand up for themselves when the world agrees that what you’re doing is right. Coco Chanel was part of the losing team, with the Nazis, a stereotypical villain, but she still persevered for what she thought was right, she was still true to herself. Coco Chanel was a strong, brave, noble woman and her political ideals, which were entirely relevant in her time, cannot take away from her inspirational legacy.

just to be clear, are you literally saying that coco chanel is inspiring not only in spite of but indeed BECAUSE of having been a nazi? that the things she said carry MORE weight because of how she supported literal genocide? that’s an actual thing you’re saying, right? ok. cool. i just wanted to check so i know where on a scale of 1 to 10 my disgust should fall. i’m thinking somewhere around an 87.