Okay but like imagine the glee club having a girl’s only sleepover at Rachel’s house on their senior year and Kurt begging them to watch this new MTV show about teens pretending to be gay and actually being gay.

And then imagine Quinn and Rachel somehow ending up sitting next to each other on the couch.

And then imagine Mercedes and Tina making non-stop comments about how Karma and Amy could totally pass as Rachel and Quinn’s alter egos.

And then imagine Quinn sneaking glances at Rachel whenever Amy confesses to Shane that she has real feelings for Karma.

And then imagine Rachel catching Quinn looking at her because Rachel always stares back at the blonde.

And then imagine the girls sharing shy smiles and blushing profusely whenever Amy and Karma would kiss.

And then after everyone’s asleep imagine Rachel going to her backyard just to find Quinn lying on the grass and staring at the stars. 

And then imagine Rachel asking her if she can join her and then imagine Quinn saying yes and after a couple of minutes of peaceful silence, imagine Quinn asking Rachel if she thinks that Karma could ever truly love Amy in the way Amy wants Karma to love her.

And then imagine Rachel replying that even though Karma doesn’t realize it yet, a part of her will always be in love with Amy in that exact way. And then imagine Rachel adding that all it would take for Karma to wake up would be for Amy to actually tell her how she truly feels about her.

And then imagine Quinn telling Rachel that Amy was probably terrified of putting herself out there like that just to get rejected.

And then imagine Rachel telling Quinn that maybe it was worth the risk.

And then imagine Quinn staying really quiet and still for a couple of seconds and then imagine her leaning in and just saying fuck it before she kisses Rachel.

And then imagine Rachel kissing Quinn back, and pulling away just enough to mumble finally under her breath before catching Quinn’s lips again.

And then imagine them kissing and laughing and cuddling and hugging until sunrise.

And then imagine Quinn asking: All this kissing… does this means we’re faking it?

And then imagine Rachel replying: Whenever I’m with you, things are and feel too important for them to be anything but real.

And then imagine Quinn beaming with overwhelming happiness before she says: Good, because I’m nothing like Amy!

And then imagine Rachel throwing her head back and laughing very loudly before she replies: You’re right, Lauren definitely fits you better.

And then Quinn would probably get super offended and Rachel would kiss away her pout and after that they would be in love forever. 

Okay. You can stop imagining now, drabble’s over.

“Okay, Twizzlers for Brittany,” Rachel hands the girl an unopened pack of licorice before moving further into the room, “A water for Tina,” She tosses the bottled water into the girl’s lap, “And two bowls of Popcorn for the rest of us,” she passes one to Mercedes and hands the other to Quinn before she sits on the couch.

It’s a miracle she made it down the stairs juggling all four items in her hands but she was a skilled multi-tasker.

Well, five items.

“And some Starburst,” she whispers as she nudges Quinn in the side, a small secretive smile playing at her lips, “Don’t tell anyone.”

It will be their little secret.

Quinn glances down at the pack of Starburst just barely poking out of the pocket of Rachel’s sundress. She can’t remember the last time she had Starburst.

“Did you guys choose a movie yet?” Rachel asks as she glances around the Oscar room.

She’s so glad she had the brilliant idea to invite all the girls over for a sleepover. The boys tended to get together all the time for Video Game nights, why couldn’t the girls partake in a little old fashion bonding time?

First up, movie.

Quinn sighs next to her.

“I’m not watching some dumb show about high school kids finding themselves, I don’t care how coming of age it is. I just lived that shit, I don’t need to see it on TV.”

Kurt huffs as he grabs the remote back from Santana. Okay, so it was a girl’s night plus Kurt.

“How many times can you possibly watch Frozen?” he shoots back and Rachel watches quietly as Santana glances towards Brittany. The girl is too busy gnawing at her Twizzler to really listen to the conversation between the two.

Rachel had one simple request before she went upstairs to get everyone snacks: choose something to watch. She fulfilled her end of the agreement, why hadn’t they fulfilled theirs?

“What’s the issue?” she asks after a few more remarks from each side.

“They won’t agree on something to watch,” Mercedes supplies.

“I really don’t care either way,” Tina replies.

“Santana wants to watch Frozen, and Kurt wants to watch some MTV show,” Quinn tells her.

Rachel groans, “Is this that show you’ve been talking about all week?”

Kurt’s attention snaps to her, hopeful that he’ll have someone on his side, “Yes!”

Kurt had been non-stop about some show that he started watching the prior weekend but it went in one ear and out the other whenever he would talk about it.

“You’ve seen it already, why don’t we pick something none of us have seen?” She asks, politely nipping Santana’s suggestion of Frozen in the butt.

“I’ll watch it again!”

Sensing his desperation, Mercedes takes a breath from the popcorn she’d been inhaling, “What’s it about?”

His eyes sparkle, finally getting a chance to be heard, “Okay, so… it’s about two best friends who start fake dating because they want to gain popularity and they get nominated for homecoming court.”

“Vanilla,” Santana states, unimpressed. “Sounds boring.”

“They’re gay! At least, one of them might be. It’s completely ahead of its time.”

Santana purses her lips as she considers it, “I’ve already seen two guys win prom king,” She reminds him with a pointed look, “And I wasn’t thrilled the first time.”

“They’re girls. Lesbians.”

“Why the hell didn’t you say so?” she snatches the remote back from him, “Where is it?”

Kurt squeals as he slides across the floor to help Santana with the remote, “It’s On Demand.”

Quinn sits up, realizing something is happening, “Wait what? Don’t we get to vote?”

“No,” Santana and Kurt say in unison.

Quinn looks towards Mercedes, who merely shrugs, before she turns to Rachel. Surely she could do something about this.

She also offers a shrug, “Do we really want to disturb the peace?”

Quinn rolls her eyes and slumps back into the side of the couch.


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