The Proposal meets The Nanny meets Faking It But With An Actual Canon F/F Relationship??


So, my current romcom romp writing project (hopefully soon to become my next Kindle release!) basically has the premise of:

Our heroine, a very chill and sort of winningly awkward nanny by the name of Riley, finds herself ensconced in a romcom scheme for the ages when the parents of the kids she nannies for split up. The husband has been having an affair with a much younger woman … and so his uptight workaholic wife Vanessa decides to retaliate by revealing the totally untrue fact that SHE’S BEEN SLEEPING WITH THE NANNY THE WHOLE TIME. Cue opposites attract fake couple shenanigans like never before!

(Is it at least 25% fueled by the futile dream that one day it will reach wildly successful heights resulting in a film adaptation, thus finally making my dream — all our dreams! — of a Kristen Stewart/Charlize Theron romcom come true? I DUNNO, MAYBE. Definitely. Yep.)

And I have to admit, I am just having way, way too much fun with this silliness.

An excerpt from the first scene, just for fun!

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