anothergleefan answered: no way possible. no one can erase those deaths he caused. the next ep will show us whether or not the writers agree.

isagrimorie answered: i really really hope they don’t.

connoririshwright answered: I don’t see how they reasonably can and I don’t think they should. He’s basically abusive

bio-hack answered: it’d be pointless and unbelievable tbh

I just don’t see how they can, they’ve taken away his defenses one by one. Even when Fitz suggests brainwashing, it’s already clear how badly he in particular has taken it and what a desperate last-ditch attempt to make sense of things it must be. Plus, we’ve seen so much of him with both Raina and Garrett as well as Skye…there just doesn’t seem to be any additional space for it to be a triple cross or brainwashing and I refuse to believe this was all voluntary and still something he can come back from.

And to be kind of honest, with the show’s treatment of PoC and women, with two Black people very reluctantly forced to commit crimes because of killer chips in their heads, I absolutely don’t mind the clean-cut chiseled white guy turning out to be the actually bad guy.

broadlybrazen answered: i don’t watch but apparently there’s rumors that they have a planned redemption arc? [sigh]