What is The Bletchley Circle? The Bletchley Circle is a television mystery drama miniseries. With an extraordinary flair for code-breaking and razor-sharp intelligence skills, four seemingly ordinary women become the unlikely investigators of a string of grisly murders, set against the backdrop of post-war London.

Think it’s not worth your time? The seasons are small (painfully small) so you’ll catch up in no time, the cast is fantastic, it’s well-researched, and it’s a period drama so the fashion is great. It’s a show about ladies okay, you won’t be disappointed. 

S1: 1 2 3

S2: 1 2 3 4

Seriously, I’ve seen some people reblogging gifsets and asking where to get it. Here you go!

One of the best things about the show to me is the focus on the women (grown up women) being incredibly intuitive and smart and logical, something which other shows mostly allow if the women are second to a male lead or if it’s just a part of something much bigger. Here, you have the equivalent of Sherlock, Patrick Jane, House, Shawn Spencer, and it’s actually a group of women, all working together, each with their own talents.