brooklyn nine nine, SUPERHEROS (omg im sorry im stuck on that today i guess)


  • Holt is a self-made Batman type without any powers, but Jake and Boyle are CONVINCED that he’s at least psychic or can teleport or has super hearing or SOMETHING because he seems like he’s EVERYWHERE and always knows EVERYTHING.
  • Jake is a speedster with nonexistent impulse control.
  • Rosa SEEMS like she has super strength but also everyone’s too afraid to ask her if she actually has powers or what they are.
  • Boyle is Aquaman and is always indignantly insisting that there’s more to it than just TALKING TO FISH, OKAY, BUT ALSO FISH ARE PRETTY GREAT AND YOU’D ALL BE LUCKY TO BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM
  • Terry is Wolverine but he prefers using his claws to sculpt beautiful artwork to using them as weapons.
  • Amy is Superman and in a crisis she’s always GREAT but outside of that she’s a tryhard mess who is always like “oh, Captain Holt, let me de-ice your car with my heat vision so you don’t have to go to the trouble of scraping it off!” and even though she does it ALL THE TIME with her own car she ends up overdoing it and setting his car on fire.
  • Everyone is like 95% sure Gina is actually a supervillain but she swears up and down she’s just a humble and totally human civilian administrator, but then she laughs really creepily right after, so nobody knows what the hell to think other than someday she’ll probably kill them all.