what did you think of frozen?


haven’t seen it, don’t plan to

it’s Disney so ofc lots of people are going to love it and it’s going to be a huge commercial success and get nominated for a bunch of awards and make a lot of money and have merch out the ass regardless of what the movie itself deserves

but I think it looks really bland and I’m tired of Disney movies about thin straight white girls and their young cishet true love and I think it’s fucking bullshit that Disney took such a female-character-heavy story and trimmed almost all the women out and filled the holes left behind with dudes and a shitty snowman Scrappy and this movie is adding not one but two additional thin pretty white princesses to the Disney Princess lineup that already had like seven white princesses out of eleven total

like…. by paying to see this movie all I’d be doing is telling Disney with my dollars that they don’t have to change anything about the same model they’ve been using for decades, that they can keep shunning anybody who isn’t cishet or white and they can keep writing characters who all heavily adhere to the gender binary and it’s not going to change anything in the slightest because the money and accolades will keep pouring in and liiiiike, nah, not here for it, the story and characters seem bland enough that it’s just not worth it

I’d also be telling them their design for the snowman is appealing and the character is humorous and sweet and totally deserves a three-minute musical bit about how much he loves the summer and that their inexplicable decision to make this shitty fucking thing the primary focus of all their merch and advertising was a good idea and lmao wouldn’t that be a fucking disaster because it’s one of the most atrocious character designs I have ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on and if it melts at any point in the movie I’ll probably just watch that clip on YouTube over and over while laughing maniacally

and I’m still bitter about the fact that this was originally intended to be a classically-animated 2D film