Everyone, we’re delighted to show off a feature that we’ve been hard at work on for the last few months and badly addicted to for the last few weeks.

The new Tumblr Search has been rebuilt, front to back, to help explore all of your 65 billion(!) posts.

Here are a few of the big additions to check out:

You can now use multiple #tags in a single query to find all that #hello kitty #nail art.

Searching for “government shutdown” now returns posts tagged #government shutdown or that mention ”government shutdown”. Searching “#government shutdown” will limit the results to posts with that #tag.

You’ll now see related blogs in your search results.

Use the new Filter menu to filter by post type!

And in an effort to make the explicit content filter more transparent (and less confusing), we’ve moved the option right to the search results page. We’ve also been able to use this smarter filtering to unblock innocuous keywords in our apps that used to be prohibited by app store policies. #reaction gif #happy!

Please take the new search for a spin! (And let us know if you catch it acting up.)