Sleepy Hollow needs to put it away this week.





– Abbie & Ichabod use completely misrepresented bit butchered bits of “Mohawk” mythology (actually Christian mythology with a bit of dressing) – and butcher the language while they’re at it – to figure out how to save Abbie

– The show uses Haudenosaunee involvement in the Revolutionary War (which was divisive and devastating to our confederacy in many ways) to prop up Ichabod’s “progressive” credentials

– Our stars run up on the first “Mohawk” person they see and demand that he helps them and assume that he has some sort of “mystic” knowledge

– This person brings them to a sweat lodge where there are a bunch of cultural pieces of Native tribes and cultures not our own (we don’t wear Plains style war bonnets)

– And initiates a ceremony that is both not an actual thing and, if it were, would be performed by a medicine society and not fucking filmed and put on a show

– But, I’m supposed to like that they gave a cursory nod to the genocide of my peoples and tried to go for an “LOL, we’re subverting stereotypes but not rly” with our “Gerominoters” saleman

Not here for it. Not even kind if here for it. I defer to my Kanienkehaka kin on this, but uggggghhhhh.

i should have known this show was too good to be true

please get better wrt this, sleepy hollow 🙁

Yeah, I noticed how everyone’s livetweeting stopped cold when we hit that point in the show. Like, “Oh, so… oh. We’re doing this. Oh.” I didn’t pick back up either until they were in the safely non-specific dream world. The moment Crane was like, “But what happened to my friends and their mighty nation that stretched across the continent?!” I was like, well at least they’re acknowledging the… “Welcome to Geronimotors!” oh noooooooo