So first I was making this to say, hey, it’s not just the technology changes, imagine waking up to instant progress like that. And then I got sad because a Good American would give his life to fight the “tyranny” of being taxed heavily, but opposing slavery is a subject for serious discussion? And look at the second gifs, notice the difference in the times given!

I really, really, really hope that they keep on addressing this. Where the former English professor of history at Oxford learns about the effects of colonialism and imperialism across the world at the hands of his former country, and the atrocities committed by his new nation on the Native Americans and Black people and I hope he’s horrified. Where Crane sees some instance of the normal everyday racism Abbie faces and is disappointed that, with all the marvels around him that he’s slowly becoming used to, there are still so many injustices.

And then I got really sad because I realized that it was a cishet white dude who got to see this progress, and that he won’t actually benefit, he went from the top back then to the top now. Imagine if it were a woman, if Katrina were the one to go ahead, where she’s not burned for witchcraft. Or you know, a person of color, with all the differences in their freedom and the behavior allowed them.

And then I got extra, extra sad because I imagined all the people suffering oppression transported to better times and places and this really went in a different direction from where I had planned.