Peaky Blinders – 1×01 – “They’re doing a magic spell to make him win a race.”

Aw, man, I went into this without knowing what it was about and this intro made me think it was about a group of PoC running an illicit magic trade in ’20s England. It was not. 🙁

I also initially thought this was a show about 1920’s England exploring the relationships among gangsters and the ethnic enclaves existing in that time period in Birmingham, England…when he asks for ‘the girl’ in the intro, I thought he was going to have a WoC love interest…was disappointed tbh

I would have taken anything that allowed more PoC instead of what we seem to be getting. The PTSD angle is something worth exploring but it only seems to be there to show why some of the men act irrationally. It’s just been really…boring so far? And with some grim violence.