Freaking racists in the Twisted tag.


I don’t understand. Do you think this is a documentary? That there isn’t a careful set of decisions behind every choice? 

Quiz for you, then. Who’s had more screentime and focus:

  1. Lacey’s mom vs Jo’s mom
  2. Lacey’s dad vs Jo’s dad
  3. Lacey’s best friend Sarita vs Jo’s best friend Rico
  4. Lacey’s random friend Phoebe vs Jo’s random friend Tyler

You could say, wait, Jo’s dad is the chief of police and central to the investigation. Right, because it’s not as if that was a choice made by the writers. Jo’s mother is Danny’s mother’s friend, she has to be involved! Lacey’s mother couldn’t have been a friend to Karen? We see Jo’s conversations with her mother but Lacey never has these conversations with hers? How is the girl who’s spent years building up a facade and then risks it for Danny not going to have anything meaningful to share with her mom or sister? Even Lacey’s father’s appearance and outing was actually about Jo, somehow. Lacey’s sister has yet to show up, and that’s fine, because it’s not as if we actually spent time at her birthday party and it surely wouldn’t been interesting to see the Danny situation and its aftermath through her perspective, huh.

And how and why is this tape of Lacey somehow about Jo? I’m actually okay with her being cool with the tape and then genuinely not wanting to see Jo hurt and stopping it from being leaked, but it doesn’t make sense for the show to care more about its consequences to Jo than Lacey. (Sidebar: that whole tape thing was incredibly creepy, from the taping to the sharing to having to watch the reactions of Tyler and the jocks and the chess club. Doug and Eloise had better be severely punished for that.) Next week we have to worry about Lacey seeking Jo’s forgiveness for not telling her? And like freaking hell Jo would have told Lacey if she had a chance to hook up with Danny. She was already trying to go out with him during Fall Fest and would have if Lacey hadn’t shown up.

It’s so apparent that Lacey is not even close to being an equal lead. And if you can’t see that maybe race has something to do with that, then maybe wonder why you and so much of the fandom are willing to brush aside terrible, hypocritical writing.