Okay, usually I’m all about how good Tatiana Maslany is, but this whole scene was just so well executed! All you smartypants may have realized immediately, but until Helena’s accent and knife came out, I was completely in the dark. All the signs were there, though, even if hidden. Sarah wouldn’t choose the Beth/Paul apartment as a rendezvous, but it wasn’t inconceivable, what with being let go by the cops and Amelia requesting a meeting away from Mrs. S, and even that wasn’t a bs excuse, since she was going to spill about her. And Helena stayed so quiet, but why wouldn’t Sarah, there was so much going on. The wig hid her scars, but Sarah has her hair down a lot, and then the uncharacteristic hand caressing could just be explained by her being overcome with meeting family, after all, she’d just done the same with Mrs. S a couple of scenes back.

And the things that were giveaways were just so minor, I completely didn’t notice, the accent on “drink?” and the eyes and the way she looked over when Amelia mentioned Helena, and omg, night and day, what a conversation to have with the wrong one.

Can’t deny TMas her due, though, played the subdued Helena as Sarah perfectly.