Murder on the Home Front (2013) – 1×01 – Molly and Issy

Actually writing fic for this pairing! Needs an ending though. Show is worth a go, more rambling on my lj.

Great to see that this pair’ll get fic!

Totally agree with your comments on LJ. It felt curiously shallow and that didn’t change after finding out it was based on a memoir. It just all seemed too full of cliches and perhaps the main character himself would have been more interesting if we hadn’t already seen a million shows like this in the last few years. Oh, what, an annoying outsider who somehow does the police’s job better than them and knows all these advanced deductive methods? I’ve never heard of such a thing!

The second episode definitely seemed worse, and but for Hastings, would have been a complete wash for me. He turned out to be the most interesting character, but like everyone, didn’t have a chance to be developed very far. It would have done better as being more episodic or stretched farther.


Oh, and the actual ending to the case? Ridiculous. They’ve admitted the killer was a Nazi sympathizer who basically did whatever he wanted, including sneaking out from under his watchers’ noses. Why would he really spend any effort in breaking the German code…?