The IT Crowd will return in a 40 minute finale special, bringing the conclusions for the characters that creator Graham Linehan wanted to give us, but until now was unable to, due to the commitments of his ever more increasingly recognisable stars.

Linehan confirmed an article on EW’s report that all the fan favourites would return to film the special in the next few weeks, so we’ll finally see what becomes of Roy, Moss, Jen and, of course, Denholm!

This is fantastic news in the wake of Ricky Gervais’ announcement that they’ll be revisiting The Office (UK) for a special this year, and now that Katherine Parkinson has had her baby, and Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade have some time off from their burgeoning film stardom, the script, which has been ready for over a year can finally be filmed.

According to UK’s Channel 4, we should be seeing it ‘later in the year’

They turned it off, but they’ll turn it back on again soon!