Iraq was destroyed over false allegations of WMDs.

However you feel about the Iraq War, or Saddam Hussein – imagine losing your parents over a false claim. Growing up with your life literally in shambles over a false claim. Losing your home over a false claim.

Muslims without Borders (Rutgers University chapter) is hosting a banquet to raise money for the orphans of Iraq. 100% OF THE PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO THEM, so if you can’t make it to RU on April 15th, donate HERE

EVERY LAST CENT COUNTS! You would spend a dollar on a donut or a pack of gum. You would spend $3 on coffee or a bagel, or $5 for Subway. You can spare pocket change, at the very least, for the orphans of Iraq.

please show some support for this cause! even a reblog helps if you can’t donate :~)