welp it’s official

ouat is the worst beauty and the beast retelling anyone has ever done ever

like ouat’s writers read beauty and the beast and went you know what

this could be even more abusive

let’s make it about a woman who loves a horrible cruel vindictive serial murderer because she sees good inside of him

let’s keep idealizing their romantic relationship even while throughout its entire duration he lies to her (about her own life, about the world around her, about previous romantic partners he has killed for leaving him, about people he continues to kill when she’s not looking), puts her in various boxes to isolate her from the rest of the world, deliberately emotionally manipulates her, belittles and patronizes her, ignores the boundaries she attempts to hold up between them, ignores her opinions or perspective where they do not support his own, (keeping with the show’s perspective of magic as drug) abuses substances without her knowledge, physically abuses others in front of her, verbally, physically, and emotionally abuses her, and most recently tells her that the contract of their relationship is that he trusts her to “listen to him” and she trusts him to “be a better man”

and let’s say that her refusing to leave him is brave and heroic

let’s say that she is refusing to give up

let’s say that that is the true meaning of love

that sounds like a good plan

there are a lot of little girls watching this you know