My favorite fanfic for each of my favorite ships


  1. An American Warehouse Agent in Paris (and London) by Trancer | Warehouse 13 – Myka/HG
  2. A Story, A Tale by Maleficently | Once Upon A Time – Mulan/Aurora
  3. Begin Again by Myweakest-link | Pretty Little Liars – Paige/Emily
  4. Song Beneath The Song by Gilligankane | Pitch Perfect – Beca/Chloe
  5. Life In Technicolor by Leonhart_17 | Grey’s Anatomy – Callie/Arizona

Reading the Sleeping Warrior fic, and omigosh, it’s beautiful. 25K word AU where Maleficent cast the curse. The characters are different but recognizable and we see the Mulan-Phillip friendship as it must have been and how it would be in Storybrooke. So many recognizable elements from the show and the fairytales we know are woven around Mulan and Aurora, both before and after the curse. I love even with the importance given to True Love and destiny from the Western characters we know, Mulan’s backstory in Chin echoes throughout. Also, Mulan is wound up so tight for Aurora, when she breaks, it will be awesome. And hot. And cute.