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irina-spalko replied to your post: Ive always been annoyed about how people demand…

I never understand, and quite angered me, the need to make some characters to go against their nature and be more human (Spock, Seven of Nine, Data) as if being Vulcan, half-borg, or android…

But I still think that people pushed him too much making him feel that he wasn’t good enough not being human, feeling like a human does. 

Yes, that’s something that I didn’t like about Voyager. The tried to make her reconnect with her human side, instead to make her accept herself as she is: human but borg; different, yes, but not less or worst than one of them, and she they pushed more towards ‘humanity’ Seven of Nine was disappearing to be more Annika Hansen. She was changing from being different, unique to be a more ‘standard’ person.

Spock, Tuvok… I hate that people tries to make them smile, show feelings, be more extrovert. It’s like: oh, yes, I like you… but you are not good enough; you should be more like us.

Can I cut in because yesssss. You have no idea how this annoys me. Especially in fics when all of a sudden everyone is calling Seven “Annika” and I’m like nonononon. Unless she specifically asks you too (And I doubt she would. She’s no longer Annika she said it herself) why would you call her that? I like Seven’s borgness. If it wasn’t for that Voyager would be gone ten times over. I understand why Janeway wanted her to reconnect to her humanity, but it shouldn’t erase who she is now. 

I get irrationally angry at things like this. I hate it when people treat aliens as human just with different surface features. You can’t just hug a Vulcan!! That’s rude and just because he’s not smiling doesn’t mean he’s not happy. I just want to shake some people. Being human isn’t the end all! People need to respect other beings/cultures.

Seven is unique, like each of us are. We are different. We have our dreams, lives, our feelings, the way we behave, some are extroverts, others introverts and shy… why we should all the same? Who do you think you are to judge me? based on what? your life? Do you feel superior to decide which is bad and wrong?… and you can see this in Star Trek, the society… everywhere.

Exactly. It’s like they are the saviors of the galaxy. You are oppressed and I’m here to save you. What? respect your culture? learn, understand and work through it to change things together? No, do it MY way.

Agreed. It’s always strange to me when they try to force humanity, as they define it, on others and extoll its virtues, as if literally being humane and merciful and kind is all there is to it, when selfishness and greed and jealousy are so often exhibited by even the best humans. And it especially bothered me when it came to Seven, considering her initial Borgimpulses tended to be more selfless and forgiving than so many of the others’ reactions. If they’d just bothered to try to see things her way and appeal to her instead of dismissing or patronizing her, things would have gone so much more smoothly.