The Town (2012)1×03 – Lucy tries to convince Carly to return as her assistant in her flower shop (which…sounds like a euphemism but isn’t).

I completely did not expect to get this scene! As the show progressed, the setup and then buildup were completely there, but considering the type of show and past experiences and the subtlety of the actual execution, I was so expecting one of them to be a murderer or die or hook up with the main character. The actual resolution was basically fanfiction come to life, it was that perfect and unambiguous and sweet. And it’s not as if the show was billed as a lesbian anything, so I had no idea this was even going to be part of the plot.

The Town is a three-part drama mystery series starring Andrew Scott (BBC Sherlock’s Jim Moriarty) as Mark Nicholas. Having moved to London years ago, Mark returns to his small hometown upon the suicide of his parents. The series revolves around him and his remaining family, a 15-year-old sister he barely knows and their too-cheery, pragmatic grandmother and various other town residents, some of whom are hiding their own secrets.

Lucy (the blonde) and Carly, as the town florists, aren’t heavily involved in the main plot but manage to stay on the periphery throughout. Lucy does play the field and has gone through quite a few of the town’s men. After a night of drinking with Mark and his old friends, she wakes up to find herself in Carly’s bed, though Carly assures her nothing happened. Except the kiss Lucy started “for show”.

In the next episode, they try to continue as if nothing had happened but Lucy completely gay panics and keeps picking fights with Carly until she quits the flower shop.So that looked like it could go somewhere and I raised my hopes and managed my expectations.

Then, in this episode, we first see a noticeably despondent Lucy trying to act as if she’s better off without Carly all along. In the middle of all the rest of Mark’s drama, we get the scene above. I love how even in the last bit, Lucy’s still worried about appearances and then just goes eff it.