Secret State (2012)01×03

So basically, the guy is a washed up former spy who happens to be loose friends with the Prime Minister and the woman is a low level analyst assigned to monitor his conversations, among other things. She stumbles upon what she realizes is a potentially far-reaching conspiracy but is, to her knowledge, ignored by her superiors and so manages to slip him some photos and information through his friend and letting him know he’s under surveillance.

He’s initially furious but calms down and realizes that this “clever girl”, as he calls her, may be his only ally. Without knowing if she’s listening, he greets her through the wiretap on his phone and begins to narrate his findings as he investigates the material she sent him. In the middle of this, as she is listening in, he is attacked.

The scene above happens after the attacker leaves. She can hear his bravado and then his desperation and she feels so worried and guilty and all she can do is listen to him as he slowly dies and then gives him the small amount of relief she can and they’ve never even met. Such a strong moment.