Petition: Tell Obama to stop the drone strikes



It is inexcusable that President Obama authorizes the “drone strikes”, which kill almost 50 civilians for every terrorist suspect. The government keeps statistics as follows: all adult males are considered enemy combatants. This doesn’t make sense, and we should demand better.

To the left: Not only is this steeped in racism—that there is no outcry is surely at least partly due to the fact that these are people of color—but it is also an egregious human rights violation and a war crime. This is the worst disappointment of the Obama administration. Tell him to stop.

To the right: In addition to being a great comeback to liberals celebrating Obama, these drone strikes violate that which many of you value—the sanctity of life.  The idea that killing 50 civilians, many of whom are children, and leveling homes is worth killing one potential suspect is absurd, and this should offend your religious or moral sensibilities—it offends mine. It also threatens our national security and raises an entire generation of Middle Easterners to despise the United States as a power that destroys families and lives. Make your voices heard.

The link is here, straight on the White House website. Tell your friends. Let’s stop this great injustice.