Ugh, August is the worst. The more I think about it, the worse he seems.

Okay, so he left baby Emma at the orphanage, fine. He was a young kid himself, in a new world, and he thought she’d be safe there. Then it takes him 16 years to begin to look for her again, and when he finds her, instead of sitting down and talking to her or nudging her in the right direction, he helps frame her and then after having sent her to jail, goes off for another decade? And his defense is that he’s not perfect and this world is full of temptations? Why the hell is his failure resulting in her increased suffering?

And if they’re trying to portray Neal as sympathetic, okay, he’s not a complete monster, but what he did was pretty horrible too. He felt bad? Oh, okay, that makes it all better then! Jesus. Are these men both morons? He already had so much influence on her, why not just talk to her? In what world is sending an 18-year-old to prison the best solution they could think of? Especially when she was already thinking of quitting the life?? Oh, a pregnant 18-year-old, too, because whether or not he knew about it, it was his goddamn responsibility to know.

If Emma’s grown up feeling unloved and unlovable, then while the ultimate blame does lie with Regina, these men helped significantly…and deliberately. I hope Snow and Charming find out and kick their asses. Especially since Geppetto forced August along instead of Snow, who would have given anything to have been with her daughter.

If they go the Emma/Neal or Emma/August route and don’t address this, I will be furious