this is why social issues are stupid and being socially conservative is stupid and why you shouldn’t vote on social issues still because the economic future of this country is more important.

Also the embassy terrorist attack is majorly being covered up and downplayed and it is pissing me off greatly because our president let people die in order to protect his campaign, and now he is doing damage control like crazy.

look I am huge liberal on social issues but they are no reason to vote Obama. Get a real reason, one that will ensure the success of this nation.

Unpopular opinion? Fuck yeah it is. Come at me.

Do you think personal liberty is less important than the economy? Body autonomy comes second to the economy? Everyone votes for the issues important to them and while it must the most beautiful luxury to have only the economic situation be important to you, not everyone is so fortunate.

Second, even if you do think “social issues” are less important than the economy, I’m still not sure how you think they’re independent. That the treatment of and options available to every minority won’t affect how the country goes? You don’t think if people who have been incredibly oppressed were allowed to be as educated and happy and free as they wanted, the US would be a much greater power?

Third, what makes you think that Romney is a better economic choice than Obama? Somebody who’s made his money gutting companies? Who’s made no wiser investment decisions, and certainly less helpful ones, than this government?

And as a final point, you do realize that for a lot of people, social and economic leanings are tied together and that people who support more these social issues also agree with the economic choices being made? While I support the rights of minorities, surprisingly, I also don’t favor the economics that favor the rich and corporations! Not to mention the aggressive foreign policies of a certain party that would have us embroiled in yet another expensive and cruel Mideast campaign.