Hey guys! I’m going to be interviewing Jeff Parker for Bloody Disgusting, regarding Dark Horse Comics’ release of his upcoming miniseries “BtVS: Willow – Wonderland,” in November. The story teases out the ramifications of “BtVS: Season Eight’s” conclusion and the destruction of the Seed of Wonder (the heart of all magic on earth), following the events currently unfolding in the pages of Christos Gage’s “Angel & Faith.” 

“With the disappearance of magic, Willow Rosenberg lost the very thing that made her tick. Armed with Buffy’s broken scythe, Willow is ready to find a solution on her own terms. The world can’t live without magic—and neither can she!”

SO, if anyone wants to send in some fan questions for Parker, relevant to the new series, feel free to do so here or in my Ask Box (though I can’t guarantee they’ll make it into the final interview). Spread the word!