• loses her mother.
  • loses her father after finding out he’s a traitor.
  • finds out that her friend has liked her boyfriend all this time.
  • gets arrested for her father’s crimes and for being a non-bender.
  • finds out that her boyfriend kissed her friend WHILE THEY WERE DATING.
  • feels her boyfriend drift away from her to be with another girl he apparently cares about more.
  • confronts her boyfriend about his cheating and receives no apology in any form (edit: until the finale, bit it wasn’t really… I dunno… ).
  • eventually gets the hint that it’s over and accepts it.
  • confronts her father who DISOWNS her and ATTEMPTS TO KILL HER with one of his own inventions.

theeeeenn… she kinds of hangs around until the end.

Someone tell me I’m not the only one hoping for some closure with this girl.

I just have high hopes that in the second season, she becomes this unstoppable force of girl-who-don’t-need-no-man.

Ah. So LoK’s Quinn Fabray.