Total Film’s 100 Greatest Female Characters: Statistical Breakdown

The stats:

Out of Total Film’s list of the 100 Greatest Female Characters in movies…

Only 79 have full names, and only 73 are listed by their full name.

6 are not human women, and 3 are not humanoid.

38 are a character in someone else’s story. 25 of those are primarily a love interest.

Approximately 1/5 do not survive their film.

Almost ½ are victimized or imperiled in their films, and 1/3 are victims of rape, sexual assault, family or intimate partner violence.

There are four women of color. Two of these women (the only adult women of color and the only black characters) are portrayed by the same actor, Pam Grier.

There are three characters identifiable as bisexual and one character identifiable as a lesbian.

More than half the characters are approximately 20–35 years of age.

22 appear in films at least co-written by women. Only 5 appear in films directed by women.

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