Let’s do this, guys. Vote for Faberry.


Oh, Finchel. Castle/Beckett? That is a bad draw.

Brittana…I think the Chuck/Sarah shippers might not be as active this year as say, a couple of years ago.

And Faberry? Cam and Mitchell are quite well-liked and may get the vote of any casual non-Faberry shipper, but I don’t think they’ll get any obsessed repeaters. Phil/Claire would probably be the most popular MF ship anyway.

Also, I think I’ll have to vote Will-Alicia. Michael-Nikita is just not right.

It’s really interesting how these’ll play out. Some are narrow genre vs broad network comedy, some are losing-leg-of-triangle vs popular pairing…

Going to watch the Prince Charming/Show White vs Dean/Castiel voters in particular.