My Once Upon a Time Wishlist

1. That the writers have a clear story in mind. I think we all know about Lost’s ending now, but OUaT is such a different animal. There are so many right ways to go with this, whether it’s a complete reset, a return to OUaT, or the Storybrookers deciding they’re happy as they are. I would like it to not be just a dream or hallucination, please.

2. Some acknowledgment of the 28 years Snow and Charming spent away from Emma, and Emma from them. They’ve completely missed her childhood. Who knows what kind of person she’d have grown up into if they’d raised her? I want her to know how very loved she was and is and how much they did want to protect her. But it doesn’t change how proud Snow and Charming are of her now and it’s just a very bittersweet what-if.

3. I know Snow and Charming themselves can’t really comprehend what they’ve missed and have already admitted that they have eternity, but they are completely my OTP for the show. I hope we get scenes with them now along with the adorable flashbacks.

4. I’d like a scene, maybe near the finale, where Regina has to choose between some selfish evil thing she thinks will finally lead to her happiness and a something for Henry and she picks the latter.