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Endgame: Season 7 – Episodes 25 and 26

At this point, Janeway’s already made up her mind and is attempting to convince herself that she’s right. After that brief spark of sudden hope for a quick way home, she’s resigning Voyager to a confirmed long journey to Earth. Look at that second gif. The Admiral realizes how hard she’ll have to work to convince Janeway and with a tilt of the head, goes with her most devastating weapon: Seven of Nine.

21 other people die and one of Janeway’s oldest and most beloved friends has a debilitating disease that will be incurable by the time they get home, but Seven is what the Admiral chooses. All right.

And how she twists the knife! You think, oh, okay, Janeway looks so upset but that’s to be expected, her protege and science officer is going to be killed, well, that’s gotta suc–husband? How is that relevant? The way the Admiral says it. Dramatic closeup, fifth gif, the look on Janeway’s face. Continuing to attempt to play the devil’s advocate, maaaaybe she’s still thinking about Chakotay? She guesses that’s who the husband is and it hurts her? Oh. “Neither will you.” So Seven’s death seriously affected Janeway.The same way it affected Seven’s husband. Which puts the previous stunned reaction to “husband” in a completely different context.

You know, all those Endgame fics that talk about Janeway breaking a whole host of Federation and Starfleet rules and regulations as well as her own moral codes and ethics just to make sure Seven stays alive. They’re not exaggerating. It’s canon. There is no other reason why the Admiral uses Seven (on herself, who else would know best?) to convince Janeway and for this conversation and those expressions and responses. The showrunners are the ones who’re putting this forward.