The glee club winners and the measure of their success, from left to right, top to bottom.

RIB should perhaps be more careful about who they think is flunk-worthy. Santana’s line in the season 2 finale about winning Nationals being their “only chance to feel good about [them]selves” also makes no sense, knowing that the Cheerios were among the first to win a significant title.

Notes for positioning and placement:

  1. While Lauren’s wrestling wins have not been explicitly stated, they are enough to assure her college acceptances. She could have none or several titles so a compromise was reached whereby she is given just one but placed at the head of her tier.
  2. Like Lauren, Rachel’s overall success is unknown, but despite having been in many other clubs, her wish to “be[ing] a part of something great” implies no great achievements.
  3. This ignores childhood pageants and contests outside school, most notably in Lauren and Rachel’s cases, but possibly for the others.
  4. This also ignores talents for which nothing has been won, including Mike and Brittany’s dancing, Quinn’s good grades, or Kurt’s eye for fashion.
  5. Everyone who was on the roster for the final game is awarded the football win, including Tina, Lauren, Rachel, and Mercedes but NOT Kurt.
  6. The football win counts more for the boys because of their having been on the team longer. Unfortunately, Artie’s handicap does hurt his potential future in football, thus placing him below Mike.
  7. Cheerios wins are more weighted because of the very solid position of the squad, except for Kurt who doesn’t seem to have any further interest in cheerleading. College scouts would have kept an eye on Sue Sylvester’s very successful team from early on. Head Cheerio as a freshman guarantees Quinn attention.
  8. Being the leader, as quarterback, captain, head Cheerio, etc., counts for more, which is why Finn is ahead of Sam and Puck.
  9. Sam has been touted as very athletic and fit so the football win places him higher than Puck, especially with the latter’s delinquency record.

It is fitting that the Three Divas place last in their groups, with their future riding on the success of the glee club. They are actually well situated in terms of talent and self-belief and should they win at Nationals next year, the win will count the most for them.

[Edited: Fixed Kurt to have two victories instead of one. Thanks to rznzn and shiphassailed for spotting the mistake.]