Kingdom Up For Sale

Title: Kingdom Up For Sale (1/9)
Author: ProfessorSpork
Character/Pairing: Quinn-centric gen, featuring Quinn/Sam friendship, canon!Fuinn, and vague hintings at potential Faberry if you squint, with guest appearances by the rest of the gleeks.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: She owes him, and he needs her. And if it turns out that maybe she needs him, too… well. Sam and Quinn, from Comeback to Rumours.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Author’s Notes:  So, once upon a time—and by once upon a time I mean right after Rumours came out—I set out to write a fic about Quinn helping Sam babysit, because I thought that dynamic would be really interesting to explore. Somehow, this evolved into a massive exploration of all of Quinn’s issues three months in the making. I have no regrets. The title is a lyric from Gold Dust Woman, off the Rumours LP, because—well. Relevant.

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I liked this. It starts off almost more in Sam’s point of view and it’s how you’d imagine they’d actually interact, if they were anything like real characters. Though I don’t think Quinn would blame herself for ruining so many things in Sam’s life, but I figure the cheating plus the homelessness and everything else going on with her is enough.

And as with most well-written general fics, while I may start off hoping for Faberry, I’d actually rather not see it, or definitely not as any kind of major goal.

(And read on FFN, LJ’s having the weirdest trouble. Varnish Error 503? Damn Russian hackers.)