Harvey Specter is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters ever.

He’s not Gregory House, Adrian Monk, Shawn Spencer, Patrick Jane, Jordan Cavanaugh, Alicia Florek, Megan Hunt, or one of the many other unorthodox but gifted main leads. He’s actually the straight man, the mentor to the genius with a hard-luck story, but he manages to have so much charisma, charm, confidence, and competence that he completely steals the show for me.

And that he has a great relationship with his strong, female boss only helps.

Editing to add that I’m just watching the latest episode and it mentions he was in the DA’s office. What an interesting character nuance.

Edit dos: That bit about the Yankees game? I don’t care if it’s true or not, that is completely canon for me now. Heh, Jessica eating all of Harvey’s nachos and catching a foul ball. He was probably trying to reach for it too but she was taller. Also, it would have to be the Yanks.

Edit the third: The Top Gun conversation! They sizzle together.