Ask box: Samcedes, Brittany and intelligence, Dianna’s acting, and Shelby and Quinn


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“…aaand now I want to examine all the parent issues on this show.”
Ooh, I hope she does. I was JUST thinking last night about sending her a message about what she thought of the parents’ and family’s roles on Glee.

So far, we’ve seen Finn’s mom, Kurt’s dad, Quinn’s mother and father, and Sam’s siblings. I wasn’t actually going to count Shelby, because despite the obvious impact of both her rejection and absence in Rachel’s life, it hasn’t shaped Rachel to the extent an always-around family would, but actually, let’s include her too.

So five parents and two siblings in all for 13 kids, 14 if you count Matt. Oh, and Sue’s sister, Becky’s mother, and Karofsky’s father. Why aren’t we seeing more?

I suppose one reason could be that oft-repeated complaint there are already so many characters and adding more take away time from the main Gleeks. This could actually counter that, though, by showing us the families of the most neglected characters: Tina and Mike’s Asian (and strict?) parents or Mercedes’s apparently loving family–the people that took in Quinn Fabray, remember.

But aside from that, they could explain so much in just a few minutes by just showing us family scenes. We know Puck’s dad is a deadbeat but that he loves his mother. And Santana’s doctor dad who didn’t think it odd his girl was getting breast implants for junior year. Brittany’s parents who let her brush her teeth with Dr. Pepper. And who are the people who raised Rachel? Do they give her a hug and cookies every time she brings home Slushie-soaked clothes? Do they have nothing to say about her dress style? Did she tearfully confess seeking out Shelby after it all went down? Did they not have an opinion on her decision to get, then not get a nose job?

And really, at this point, at least some of the parents should have shown up in support for some of their performances. None of their parents could be bothered to show up for even the Night of Neglect, let alone their competitions?

I guess the more important reason we haven’t seen more family is the expectation now for them to be well-known guest stars and that they’re possibly waiting for some big casting coup but really, in the third and final season for these characters? At this point, I think I’d rather not see the family at all and let these kids exist in a Peanuts bubble.