Jack White’s segments on the last three episodes of The Colbert Report were pretty awesome.

Stephen: The Greenhorns.

Jack: They named their album Four Stars, yeah.

Stephen: That’s pretty smart. Then everybody has to give it four stars.

Jack: Except for Rolling Stone. They gave it three and a half stars. [laughs]

Stephen: Wow. F*** those people.

Jack: Not cool.

Stephen: F*** Rolling Stone. Say it.

Jack: No.

Stephen: Say it.

Jack: All right, f*** Rolling Stone.

Stephen: Okay. [points at Jack] Now that’s rock and roll.

Jack (looking at camera): Yeah it is.

Stephen: It is.

Jack (again looking at camera): You too, Jann Wenner.

Stephen (to camera): I disagree. I disagree.

Jack: Hey, you’re the one…you’re one that made me say i–

Stephen: Heyheyheyyyyy. It wasn’t that hard.