Unpopular Opinions

Ignore these even more than the last one.

1. I feel bad that there are people hating on Dianna for this. Not the homophobes, no, can’t help that; bastards gotta bastard. But the rest of the people, the LGBT community. That she shouldn’t have worn it because she doesn’t know what it feels like. I hate that freaking us vs them attitude so much.

Would I have loved to see her come out? Yes. Would I have loved to see Achele confirmed? Yes. But she did something extremely supportive that she did not in the least have to do, something that will probably only hurt her reputation and career, and she did it from such pure intentions! Can you imagine the depth of her feelings to put on the shirt and then spill her feelings on Tumblr as she did?

And I hate hate hate that there are people who would actually criticize her for this. When she did it with so much hope and optimism and feeling.

2. I’m not really liking Dexter as much as I thought I would.