booasaur replied to your post: Writing a short story about Anne of Green Gables for Civics.

Not Canadian but dawww. Oh, Lucy Maud. What JK Rowling was to so many, you were to me.

Love her love her love her love her. Anne of Green Gables (as a Canadian) is my LIFE. I’d love to play Diana Barry in the musical adaptation of the original novel, and then Anne Shirley in the musical adaptation of Anne and Gilbert. I am obsessed. Those books were my childhood.

I look gross because it’s 2 am, but :3

Oh, how’d I miss this? Not Canadian, but I spent a few years just completely enthralled with all of LMM’s books. Emily Murray, the Story Girl, all the others, and of course, of course, Anne. Rainbow Valley and Anne of Ingleside…I can’t count how many times I read those two.

Walter Blythe will always be my life’s biggest tragedy.

A musical adaptation, eh? That’d be neat.